About Mayuri Exports

Mayuri Export furniture with a difference- we manufacture our products, so you can afford them. Mayuri Export is a platform that assists its existing and new customers in making their favored choice of furniture.  After a successful furniture story with our customers, customizing furniture to their needs, we have arrived at a collection of some of the most loved pieces of our own manufacture and aim at providing you a choice that meets your need and as a result you can place orders instantly. Not to mention that it helps you in picturing your space into a delightful place to live in.

The biggest USP is we are a self-made business that owns a manufacturing division unlike other furniture platforms that procure from external sources.  As there are no middle men, we bring factory make straight into your place, thereby you can choose from an extensive collection of designer furniture that is not only cost effective but also durable.

If you compare you will realize we are priced lower than other furniture stores and surprisingly we give you products of higher quality and style. So why go anywhere else when you get greater deals for better prices!!

As we ourselves make the products you can be assured of an international finish, and what’s more you get it door delivered at your convenience.

With us you can be assured of quality from the point of raw materials used to the finished product. We guarantee you a finish that will leave you completely satisfied. Being in the business for long now, we are very well aware of the changing trends in the choice of furniture. We know it all, the only new area for us is the platform, it’s only a matter of time that we associate with our partners for the ease of shopping online, after all online shopping is developed for customer convenience.

Our range includes home furniture for purpose that’s both functional and utilitarian like sofas, seating, dining, storage and cabinets.

Go ahead and have a glimpse of what you can make yours. Online furniture store in bangalore gives a view and complete planning for home or office locations. The images you see here can now be owned and lived by you. If for any reason you would like an alteration in size or certain number of seats or a fabric that you have in mind, please feel free to contact us and we can still customize it your needs, after all that’s what we do primarily.